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– Incipit –

The band has been created in 1993 by Nicola Bianchi with the aim to create an uncompromising weapon melting together everything’s Extreme in his personal idea of music. Year by year a strong coherence and firm will gave to this damned creature a respected name being considered the first violent act moving from Italy and one of the most killer acts into the Underground scene.

– Chronica –

1993: Handful of Hate was put together by Nicola B.

1995: The band records the demo tape “Goetia Summa”. The band performs the first concerts around Italy

1997: Handful of Hate signs a deal with Northern Darkness Records for the release of two albums. The first album in unleashed in 1997 “Qliphothic Supremacy” cd + tape version. Will follow many concerts around Italy.

1999: Northern Darkness Records releases the second album “Hierarchy 1999”. The deal with the label ends this same year.

2001: Downfall Records (Sweden) releases the infamous “Death From Above EP” on 7″EP, limited to 666 copies including two new songs.

2002: The band decided to record a new 2 songs promo CD. Code666 rec offers to Handful of Hate a record deal for one album. The song “Hell’s carnal scream” taken from the “Promo 2002” appears on the “Better Undead Than Alive” double compilation CD by Code666 rec.

2003: Code666 Records spawns the third full album called “ViceCrown”. Warlord Records releases a limited 500 copies 7″-ep called “Scorn And Conquest” which includes either the title track from the “Promo 2002” and the Impaled Nazarene’s cover “The Horny and the horned”.

2004: Downfall Records releases the “Blood Calls Blood” MCD, including all remastered songs from “Death From Above”EP plus 3 news unreleased songs. Under license of Code666 Records, Russian label CD-Maximum releases the east -European version of “ViceCrown” album. The band plays live around Eurpe in particular: UK, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and France

2006: Handful of Hate signs fort he italian label Cruz Del Sur Music and records the fourth full- length album “Gruesome Splendour”. The new album is out on November the 20th.

2007: Follows gigs in: UK, Spain, Greece, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Rep., Slovakkia, Romania, Bosnia E., Croatia, Slovenjia, Serbia and Italy off course!

2008: Handful Of Hate appears on the compilation LP “Long Live Metal!!! acte premier” released by Emanes Metal records (France) in 500 limited copies with the song “Boldly Erected” taken from the album “ViceCrown” (Code666 rec. 2003).

2009: In November the new 5th album titled “You Will Bleed” still under the sign of Cruz Del Sur Music is released. Will follow a massive gig campaign to support the new piece of Hate considered by the band itself as “a tribute to the roots of Black/Death Metal and a genuine, uncompromising act looking towards the old times!”.

2013: The long awaited reprint of “Qliphothic Supremacy” the first album sold out since 2001 is out! This opus comes with 4 bonus tracks and an enriched artwork through Azermedoth records (Mex).

November 2013: “To Perdition” Code666/Aural Music the 6th album is out! This piece of pure hatred comes out in a :  Ultralimited “wooden Torture box” handmade edition and Digipack cd. Cd digipack version and tape version released by Metal Defiance (Greece). Never so fast, never so extreme, never so powerfull before! a monument to celebrate 20 years of infamous and extreme activity.

2014 – 2018: The band supports “To Perdition” album playin more than 60 gigs along Italy and Europe: Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenija.

2019 May the 10th: Handful Of Hate releases through Aural Music/code666 the 7th full lenght album ‘‘Adversus“ cd + vinyl version.

Actually promoting the new opus and getting amazing reviews world wide…

Handful of Hate



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